Flick Baseball Pro

Flick Baseball Pro 1.0

Swing for the fences in this fun baseball sim


  • Smart control system
  • 34 customizable teams
  • Great graphics and audio
  • Training mode


  • Doesn't keep player stats
  • Teams and players are all fictional

Very good

Flick Baseball Pro is a 3D baseball sim for iPhone that proves great fun to play. It uses accelerometer-based controls to deliver an engaging baseball experience.

You can choose to compete in a one-off exhibition match or go for the World Series in Season mode. Flick Baseball Pro features 34 different teams, each with their own fluid stats. Unfortunately, the teams and players in Flick Baseball Pro are all fictional. However, there is a team editor that allows you to customize player and team names, alter abilities and design your own uniforms.

The control system in Flick Baseball Pro makes it a really enjoyable game to play. Batting and pitching are both controlled through a combination of tilting the screen to aim, and tapping to hit or throw the ball. Catching is done by hitting a moving target while the ball is in the air, and you can throw to a base simply by tapping on it on the radar.

Honing your skills

Flick Baseball Pro comes with two difficulty levels, and we recommend starting on the easy one, because hitting home runs can be a tricky experience. There is a Spring training mode though, where you can perfect your technique.

In terms of its presentation, Flick Baseball Pro is excellent, with slick 3D graphics, smooth animations and voice commentary (although the announcer does get a bit repetitive).

One thing we felt was lacking from Flick Baseball Pro is the recording of player and team stats. It would be nice to be able to track data over the season.

Overall though, Flick Baseball Pro is a fun 3D baseball game that will keep you swinging for quite some time.

Flick Baseball Pro


Flick Baseball Pro 1.0

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